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During our 5 years of installing noise suppression systems we have had many glowing reviews from clients who have not only been impressed by our high standards of work but also surprised by how much of a reduction in noise our soundproofing systems can actually produce. We have included a few of these reviews below so that you can see what our clients say about us. Should you need any more information about the quality of services we provide, some of our clients have agreed to act as references and their contact details can be supplied on request.

'We had our doubts that it would eliminate enough of the noise to make life comfortable for us and our newborn baby but I am so very pleased to say that it has exceeded all our expectations. Not only does this mean that we have peaceful and restful weekends and evenings but it now means that my son can play as little boys should be able to whiles he's growing up. Our options were either to spend a lot of money moving to a detached house or spend money on soundproofing the adjoining wall of our semi. I am so glad that we chose to invest in the soundproofing.' - Mr Leigh Moncrieffe

'I had noise coming from the staircase walls and floor and noise coming from the ceiling of my bedroom which was the living room floor of the upstairs flat. The work was performed to a very high standard and they completed the work a day early.' - Mr Litman

'I was experiencing very loud music and shouting from my neighbour, so loud that I could not hear the television or sleep. I found the Noise Doctor in the Yellow Pages. They arrived when they said they would and were very hard working. The walls were taken back to the block work, everything sealed and their system put in place. They were meticulous in their attention to detail and achieved an 85% reduction in noise levels.' - Mrs Goodyear

'At first I was unhappy with the Acoustic Pugging which had been blown into the ceiling of my flat. It had not made the reduction that I had hoped for. They quickly came back to inspect my complaint. It is also fair to say that I had been informed at the time of the original survey that I should also consider having an acoustic ceiling to provide the noise reduction that I was looking for, a fact, which I had forgotten. They inspected the work and found it to be correct, so I asked them to install a thin acoustic ceiling. Excellent, what a difference, just what I had wanted.' - Mr Richard McCarthy

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