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The Noise Doctor Experience

First Contact: When you first contact us we will ask you questions about your noise problem such as the source of the problem (if known) and how it affects you. We will also ask questions about your property which may tell us for example if there is a potential weak point. We will be able to identify if there are problems with access, positions of doors, radiators, chimney flues etc. In most cases we are able to give you a reasonably accurate quote over the phone, usually to within 5% of the final price.

The Survey: This survey is a chargeable service, however the cost of the survey will be refunded if you proceed with the work. The cost of a survey does not exceed 150. During the survey we will confirm the details that we were given on the telephone and establish exactly how the installation will take place and any other issues that need to be considered. After the survey you will receive a fixed price quotation, which will include our terms and conditions.

Reference Facility: Given that we cannot guarantee the amount of noise reduction, we can put you in contact with previous customers who will explain what their noise problem was, and how effective our system was at reducing the noise. We normally give out references following a survey and fixed price quotation.

Installation: When you have confirmed in writing that you wish to proceed, we will arrange a mutually agreed installation date. The week prior to installation we will contact you to confirm all is in order and what time the team will be expected to arrive.

The Team Leader will explain exactly what will happen and will also show you each stage as the work progresses. It is the attention to detail that enhances the performance of any system, because to leave a small hole the size of a finger nail can affect the end result by as much as 40%. Our teams are trained to check each others work at regular intervals. Our Teams undergo at least 6 months detailed training to ensure they can relate construction to acoustic principals, and where necessary be able to modify acoustic design.

At the completion of your acoustic suppression system the team leader will go through everything with you to ensure that you are completely happy. It is possible if you have had a high degree of noise ingress that you will find that you have become noise sensitised. This is a common condition, as you relax you will find that you are much less aware of any noise ingress.

Post Installation: After you have had your noise suppression system fitted we will issue you with a Certificate of Installation which describes exactly what you have had installed. We will then contact you after a few weeks to see how well it is working and to ensure that everything remains in order.

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