noise reduction

Commercial Soundproofing Solutions

Noise Reduction

These soundproofing solutions require stronger methods of noise control. Each noise pollution is individually assessed and then a design is arrived at which will bring all factors into account. Examples are listed below.

Previous Soundproofing Work Undertaken:

noise control, noise pollution

  • Domestic properties for housing associations, local authorities and private landlords involving acoustic ceilings, walls and floors.

  • Recording studios and music practice rooms.

  • Accommodation above commercial premises, e.g. Rooms above pubs, clubs and communal areas in hotels.

  • Noise reduction from pubs, clubs and entertainment centres to meet the requirements of noise abatement orders

  • Installation of robust details to new dwellings.

  • The design and installation of noise pollution control systems for new developments, guaranteed to pass the noise test for building regulations for approved document E.

  • Noise control systems between offices and factory floors as well as offices to offices.

  • The conversion of rooms to specialist rooms requiring privacy, such as Conference / Meeting rooms and Consulting rooms.

  • Noise suppression between hotel rooms.

  • Noise suppression for blocks of flats.

  • Noise control systems on factory floors between different operating areas or machines.

  • Specialist services to Builders, Developers and Architects.

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