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Acoustic Blowing and Membrane Operations

The Blowing and Membrane Division is specifically designed to be able to provide solutions that can be installed quickly and effectively whilst also causing a minimum of disruption to your property. This type of solution is ideal for Flats, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast accommodation as well as accommodation above commercial premises. It is quick to install and it is very effective.

  • The types of property most suited to this operation are properties with little or no insulation in the floor / ceiling void or partition.

  • Often in Nursing Homes, Hotels etc, you hear clearly what is going on through the wall in the neighbouring bedroom. The rowing couple, the TV & music or even worse someone snoring all night. Not to mention the more amorous types of social activity.

  • The Noise Doctors Blowing Operations can provide a quick effective solution to the problem. You can find more information on our Blowing operations at TND Insulation

A simplistic system: We blow Acoustic Pugging into floor or wall voids to help suppress noise in that it doesn't stop noise but softens or muffles it to enable additional measures to be far more effective. The effect is similar to filling a bass drum with cotton wool. The Acoustic Pugging is extremely effective against airborne noise when pumped at the appropriate density, but is less effective against impact noise. This is where additional measures such as acoustic membranes, are used to cover both airborne and impact noise.

  • The advantages to this system are that we do not have to take up the whole floor to install the system.

  • We can remove a small number of floor boards per room or blow through 25mm holes which we then make good before we depart. It can equally be blown into ceilings.

  • This means less disruption for you and we are in your premises only a very short time in comparison to other systems. An empty 50m2 flat can be completed in just one day.

The Acoustic Pugging is made primarily of recycled paper and complies with part 4 BS 5803. This means it has been tested for resistance to flammability and smoulder. Its green credentials are also excellent as it is a Building Research Establishment EAM Rated product as well as having a negative carbon footprint. Thus you get:

  • Acoustic suppression

  • Excellent thermal performance

  • An environmentally friendly product

  • An enhancement to your properties fire retardation

  • A quick and easy installation

  • A cost effective solution

We use several types of membrane to reduce impact noise on floors. These vary in thickness from 6mm to 30mm. In every case we trim doors to suite new floor levels. Under certain circumstances a membrane may not be enough to suppress noise effectively. In these cases we recommend an Acoustic Floor solution. This is covered separately within this web site.

With noise suppression, attention to detail is critical. This is why our teams require detailed training on how to carry out installations. Density is also critical and therefore before blowing the machine is calibrated and regularly checked during the installation. Post insulation you will receive a Certificate of Completion which will state the density of the installation. An Example of the Service Offered.

  • Carefully take up existing carpets

  • Provide protection to existing carpets, furniture and doors etc

  • Take up boards as required and install Soundcel Acoustic pugging

  • Relay floorboards having checked for voids

  • Acoustically seal floorboards where required

  • Lay membrane

  • Re lay carpets

  • Adjust doors and services as required

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